How can one make a single leader that shows in front and side views?

How can I make a single leader that shows in front and side views ?
If I create it in front view its invisible (wafer thin) in side view.
So if its pointing straight down with a right angle bend to the text at left , do I have to make something looking like a vintage UK road sign by cloning and rotating it about its vertical arrow shaft ?

Also If I am in top view and drag a selection box around it nothing gets selected.

I could make an annotation dot which always faces front, but they get bigger as one zooms out, unless there is a way of stopping that ? They also obscure sometimes what I want to show.


I don’t have a solution for you - Rhino dimension and text objects are planar, and when the plane they lie in is viewed edge-on, they disappear. Dots are screen-space objects that always face the viewer, and as they currently live in the 2D world of screen pixels, they do not know to change size when the view “behind them” is zoomed in or out (as you pointed out).