How can i use solid difference in the following case?

i want to remove a extruded along curve object from a bigger cube using solid difference how can i do this?

this is the object

i tried using this but in the final object one side the opening is created but the other side its not open. what should i do, if possible can u send me a sample


You can post your file to get better results/ solution.


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cir (3.3 KB)

i am not able to successfully solid diff from this file

Hello - if the idea is to make a hole through the box then extend the tube all the way through the box and use Boolean2Objects, cylcing through the possible results until you see the one you like, and Enter.


Can i have this crv Internalized

but i want the hole to have curves, not a straight hole

With bend pipe.

with straight pipe

cir 5 BVR (12.4 KB)

Next time try to provide proper file. No one gonna create for you.


thanks a lot for the help

in the bend pipe , i am not able to cap the final solid. what should i do

Mainly 2 things:

How to ask effective questions.

Learn Grasshopper Basics.

what did u do here, i didnt understand

cir 5 BVR (14.7 KB)