How can I Remove a Volume from inside another volume?

i have to remove a sphere shaped volume from inside a cube. How can i do this? any help would be great.

thanks in advance

Is this what you try to realise?

I’m trying to remove a lot of small sphere shape volumes from inside cube, I’m not able to remove from inside the cube

Make sure you have a hole inside your outer Geometry. Otherwise the boolean will fail.

I guess like this, a small tube connecting both volumes?


What if I have to remove multiple small spheres then?

If the spheres are not in contact you should do it for all.

Is split/difference available in default?

Is it ok if you could share the circuit?

I have no idea what that is.

I’m new to grasshopper, so if you could share the circuit it would be great

Mahan did you understood what I’m trying to build?

im trying to eliminate all the spheres and it should leave cavities inside the cube. what should i do

SphereBox (18.8 KB)

You have to make a conncection with outside from each sphere.

so now the solid has spherical cavities?i checked now

got this

i meant the opposite to happen , spheres should disappear leaving cavities in cube

Yes. That’s exactly what I did. you have to bake the result(The last Brep).
SphereBox boolean1.3dm (2.1 MB) SphereBox (13.4 KB)

If you want the spheres not to be enclosed by the box completely the output Brep will be invalid. Nevetheless you can convert it to mesh and bake it. The result will be like the image which I attach here.