How can I switch component connections in a batch way?

Hi everyone, as you see, I need to switch the component connection from all frames to one frame, and this kind of switch need to be done in several places at the same time. Now I have to switch them one by one, which is very inconvenient: I have to move from one place to another place…
Is there any function (like a switcher) with that I can switch all the aimed connection by one click?


No, but you should be more neat with your definition making. Use things like stream filters and stream gates to control these kind of things.

That’s really a pity…Thank you Micheal anyway!

That’s really a pity

Maybe, but to me it makes more sense to set up the system correctly for switching rather than rely on an after the fact solution. In the end it will be easier because you can just switch everything with one slider. You can also use data params to begin with for things that need to switch but get plugged into many components.

You’re right! Thank you for your advice.