How can I _squish a brep with python?

Not scripting the command that is…
What is happening behind the scenes?

maybe this will help:

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Thanks @DavidLeon,

I was looking at the Squish command in the help but didn’t find this particular article.

by asking what’s happening behind the scenes I was wondering if Unroll is used somewhere inside the squish command. And if I can use Unroller class methods to mimick the squish command using Python.

But as I read the article I fear this is not possible.

This is exactly what I wondered if thickness is taken into account. Apparently not.

Is there any examples somewhere using custom deformations taking thickness into account that is close enough to real steel behavior?

If I have a brep that already has thickness Squish is currently executed on a single face. And if I choose not to SplitSeams I can’t really trust the result, can I?

For the time being this post does the trick.

Thanks for sharing this @Willem

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