How can I show surface curvature with contour?

Hi guys,

For a surface I have created the UV and got the curvatures on UV points. However, how can I show the curvature with contour?

Thank you all! (58.1 KB)

You could use Mesh Iso Splitting

With my plugin Nautilus or the component that is somewhere on discourse.
here the version with just one value. (57.7 KB)


Thank you so much, @laurent_delrieu! That’s really a fantastic tool!
However, I download your plugin, when I open GH, it shows the errors like:

Could you provide suggestions on this issue?

I think that your Rhino version is an “old” one. Can you update it ?

Or use this version

Hi Laurent,

Thank you for your suggestion.
I am using a campus computer and I can’t update my software now.
And for the other version, I can’t figure out how curvature is displayed using the C# component.
Anyway, thanks again for your kind help!

The C# is quite the same. Input a mesh, input all weights (curvature here), then input IsoValue you want to display.
The outputs are meshes so use Mesh Edge component E1 to get the naked border