How can I render a mother of pearl spoon?

I’m realy struggling with rendering. I’ trying to render a mother of pearl spoon but cant work it out.
I’ve downloaded a marble render from (its the closest looking to mother of pear I could findl) but I cant open it in Rhino 7 to use it. What am I doing wrong?
any help would be amazing

Thanks Carly

What file format did you download it as? The couple of materials I downloaded as zips containing texture files opened fine in Rhino (7).

There is only the option to download it as a JPG or PNG

sorry I’m so technologically rubbish

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file you can get it into Rhino via the Materials panel. With the materials panel open click on the big plus and select Create Physically Based material from texture files....

This will open a file selection dialog. Select the ZIP file you just downloaded and click the Open button in that dialog. You’ll get the Texture Selection dialog

Most likely you’ll just want to click the Apply button. Congratulations, you have imported the material into Rhino. You can assign it objects and see them appear in your renders.

Here a render with a marble and a paving stone material applied

Amazing!!! I’ve managed to do it!!! thank you.

The marble looks a bit pink and I cant find a Mother Of Pearl render but I will keep looking.

Thank you for your help

Hi @Carly_Wilson
I took the liberty of doing a little test - had a little time on my hands due to the server being tied up with rendering. Attached is a Rhino material file with a PBR material that’s trying to mimmick some sort of mother of pearl material. It’s based on a diffuse texture I found online and a SSS material I had in my library. Maybe you can use it for further exploration :slight_smile:
mother of pearl.rmtl (797.0 KB)

HTH, Jakob


oh wow that looks great thank you : )

What should I
save this as? I’m having trouble opening it in rhino

Hi @Carly_Wilson
Just save the file as it is (*.rmtl - meaning Rhino Material) into a folder or onto the desktop - and then drag and drop onto your material tab or directly onto an object. Please note that due to the use of subsurface scattering (SSS) the openGL preview as all white. You can just delete or disable it (under Detailed Settings in the material tab) if you want the openGL preview to look better. The effect SSS has is very subtle and the render times take a bit of a hit, so unless you really need it, it can be deleted :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob