How can I put diagonal lines on my truss?

On this video, the author was able to put the diagonal members in automatically because he used the explode tree. I’ve a bit differ structure from him but close enough, so I tried to use the explode tree. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my case. I also don’t know exactly what the explode tree do. I was just wondering if there is another way to put the diagonal members or not? My file is below. (16.0 KB) Thank you!

use a Shift List in your case
Explode Tree singles out data on each branch as a list on each output parameter

You can also use Relative Item. (16.8 KB)

Thank you! I was just wondering. Your text book {+1} (+1) is white color and mine is yellow (I double clicked then type “//”). Are they different? Also, Do you mind explain what does +1 +1, +1 -1, and the bracket and parenthesis, too? Thank you very much!

I don’t want to sound intrusive ( :slight_smile: ) but it means that the relative item component will output all the data from one branch in A, and B will output the data that is on the next branch (the {+1}) and will also shifts the items inside that second branch (+1) or (-1).

Edit : For the colours, you can right click on a panel and change it to whatever you want, and also make that colour the new default one.