Diagonal Lists from Square Grid

Hi, I am looking at a situation, where I have a simple grid of points in a rational tree layout.

The aim is to convert the cell order from horizontal lists to diagonal ones.

Things I have tried after browsing through similar issues on the forums:

  • Shifting list then Flip Matrix
    The issue with this is that it only creates half the diagonal lists needed if I do not use wrap.

  • Relative Item
    This does not create the lists I desire.

  • Finding Similar Member
    I am wondering if this component (or there is a component) that finds the same index across multiple lists, rather than the same members.

One geometrical solution…

Diagonal_re.gh (10.0 KB)

beautiful as always!

I am trying very hard to follow but is just confused on this step image .

What is the theory behind this? cheers

Shift Paths with offset branch path “-1” just retrive the prevoius data tree structure. That’s all.


I was trying to do this through mapping the data structures - but this is a more elegant approach.

Slightly improved…

Diagonal_reV2.gh (11.8 KB)