How can i manage different distances for chamfer (bevel) at solid volumes...? not 45 degree

hello forum,

How can I build a chamfer with different distances on a solid volume?

so no bevel that is exactly 45 degrees, but flatter.

important, i want to edit the volume.
With 2 surfaces I can enter different distances, with volumes I can no longer do that.

picture 1

here you can see where i want to build a chamfer. at all hard edges.

picture 2

this is how the bevel should look at thte solid body.

picture 3

(sorry, my rhino settings are german)

I can adjust the bevel variably on 2 surfaces. here it works

picture 4


there is no such thing with volumes. i cannot adjust the bevel.

do i really have to construct the chamfer (bevel) for all edges???

best regards


Hi Nik - I’m afraid so.


OMG… Ihave more edges like this in my projekt. :cold_face:

why this feature is not in rhino… I can remember in solidwork it works.
Its womdering me, because its possible with 2 surfaces.

please make it possible in the next version. with distance or degree in option.

now have to think how i do this lot work…