Chamfer at any angle (other than 45) on a solid



Does anyone know how to create a chamfer on a solid part other than the default 45 degrees (Solid>Fillet Edge>Chamfer Edge)? Or, is this still on the wish-list?


Win 7 Home Premium/64-bit
Rhino 5 SR12


Yes, on the wish list of 10 years, minimum :slight_smile:
Out a version of Rhino every 5 years, I remember … do two calculations…


FWIW, ChamferSrf allows you to pick two distances.


…thanks all.


will this be on the new features list of rhino6 ? I was reading it, but did´t find anything about new options in solidchamfer tool.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hello - no, ChamferEdge is unchanged in what it can build.



ok. thx for the answer. i was hoping that things like these are happening, i know solid modeling is not rhino´s prior thing, but this one seems to be so easy from a user perspective, and so necessary…