How can I get hint in Script Editor?

How can I get this kind(red) of friendly hint of method in the R8 Script Editor.

And please tell me how I can do python script in VS Code.

Below is the whole code I have written following the tutorial.

Hi @Quan_Li, its only available when you type using the old editor (_EditPythonScript):

The R8 editor doesn’t show it when typing, only when you select an item in the help panel:

@eirannejad, could you add this to the new editor in the terminal when typing ?


RH-78115 Support hint/signature provider for python


Please also add that to GhPython (python 3) component in Grasshopper. I am in a hard process of learning GhPython, that feature is very helpful.

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Please also add Autocompleting parentheses function to Python3 Script Editor. It will make coding in the Editor easier. Thank you!