How can I extrude a solid from a polysurface?


I have a polysurface that I’m trying to extrude into a solid along a straight line that starts at the polysurface outer boundary. Unfortunately when I call the Extrude command on these, it only extrudes one of the subsurfaces of the polysurface.
I tried exploding the polysurface, extruding each part, and then doing a Boolean Union, but the Boolean Union fails as the resulting solids touch but don’t overlap.

Any idea how I could do this?

Thanks a lot,

The best way to achieve what you want depends a lot on the starting objects and the desired results, difficult to know without looking at it. You should join an example file.
But you can try to extract the curves outlining the polysurface, maybe with DupBorder, to get a closed curve and then Extrude with the option Solid=Yes.

HI Egor - if the direction is a line and not an offset of the polysurface, the way out is to copy the polysurface in the direction and to the distance needed, DupBorder on both orginal and copy, and Loft the resulting curves. Then, Join all the bits - does that get you what you need? If it is an offset ‘thicken’ operation, use OffsetSrf with Solid=Yes.



thanks a lot, that worked!

Hi @ZmeiGorynych

You can try my macro.
It works.
Maybe someone will write a script.
It will be great!
Unfortunately, I’m very bad at script writing ((

_ExtrudeCrv _Pause _Solid=Yes _DeleteInput=Yes