How to stretch such a polysurface into a solid body?

This is an exterior wall shape, which is a combined polysurface. How can I extrude this polysurface a distance and automatically create it as a solid polysurface or turn it into a solid?

Using this process, each face in the polysurface is stretched out a distance along its normal to become a solid.

But there will be such gaps between the created extruded entities. How to deal with this? (2.3 MB)

not sure it’s going to work - extrusion often fails on complex polysurfaces - , but geometrically speaking, you need to extrude towards the inside, so pass your value to a negative component and pass that to the distance.

Can you explain the specific operation in detail?

May I ask which plugin the offset brep node is in?

After testing, it was found that only the upper node can create offset solid components. The two lower nodes cannot create components, but there will be gaps between the created solid components. (480.8 KB)

How can I eliminate the gaps between adjacent entities?

what rhino version are you using?


the surface offset operates on individual surfaces, so so that’s why you’re getting that result, since it doesn’t account for how the surfaces are joined. it’s like exploding the brep and offseting each surface one by one

the brep, if you want to offset solid, needs to be open, so delete the bottom surfacte (ctrl-shift select → delete)
create a bunch of boolean toggles, and set solid → true, roundcorners → false, mergefaces → false

this component will fail if there is an inner distance smaller than the offset distance, or if the geometry is too complex
both conditions are true in your case, so there’s very little to be done.