How can I dismiss the nagging about new SR candidates now?

OK, I’m back to “Service release” updates, but since I un-installed a service release candidate (you know, the one that freezes every 5 minutes), I keep getting the “an update is available” pop-ups.

How can I get rid of these ?

There was a time when release candidates had small bugs related to new features and generally it was an improvement over the previous one, but nowadays, its more like the cat has been walking on the keyboards before compilation of the code, so I won’t waste my time anymore with this.

Run _Options go to Updates and statistics, disable the update and statistics:

Hi Mahdiyar,

I still want to enable updates of Service releases, just not Service release Candidates.
The problem here is that a SRC is downloaded, and Rhino keeps busting my nuts about installing it.

Hi Olivier!
Not sure this relates somehow to Grasshopper…

I’m guessing that is the problem, yes.
You should find that one (6.14?) somewhere in a subdirectory here:


I would try moving these and see what happens.

You are right ! Can you shift it back in the Rhino part ?

No, it was the number dreaded number 13 !

It worked. This was the answer I was looking for.
Thanks Wim.