Link to the latest release candidate?

Can I get a link to the latest release candidate installer?


Hello - if you do not have it installed, Help> Check for updates, as long as the setting in Options > Updates and Statistics > update frequency is set to ‘release candidate’.


Hi Pascal,
I do have it installed and I wanna clean up the installation to remove that ‘RhinoScript plugin not load’ issue.

I want to run the uninstall from the terminal and clean the registry and all McNeel folders with a batch.

Then click Check now… and you’ll get a browser page with the link you’re looking for.

the link says I already have the newest version.

Is it SR16?
If so, that’s the latest public SRC.

Yes, I need the installer in order to use it to remove it (the current installation) and then install it directly instead of installing the official release and then wait for the auto update to trigger itself

Take a look in:
There should be another folder with a nonsense name, that will have the latest 6.16 in there.
I’m sorry I can just give you a link but I don’t have one and don’t have the tools to generate one.

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Thanks there is that and a bunch of old Rhino5, 6, and 7 installers :smiley: