How can i define material and loads to design a truss in grasshopper?


(Walter D8) #1

Hi all,

Right now i’m doing my thesis which i have to analyze trusses using Grasshopper. i could define the truss using the software but i didn’t know how to define material, joints, shape of each element and loads. How can i do that?

I have to use another plug-in or all this things i can do it into Grasshopper?

Thanks guys,

(Tim Stark) #2

(Walter D8) #3


where can i find it? It’s a tool inside Grasshopper?

(Tim Stark) #4

Both are plugins. Posted the link to both. Karamba can be downloaded from and Millipede can be downloaded from its developer website

(Walter D8) #5

i downloaded already but it doesn’t show on Grasshopper. My laptop is windows 64bits.

(Tim Stark) #6

You know how to install plugins?
Drop them in the components folder if they have no install .exe and make sure that they are unblocked in their attributes.