How can I create a numbered/bulleted list?

I’m writing a list of notes in a fabrication document. But the “Text” tool doesn’t seem to allow me to create a numbered list, where the text is indented from the numbers, like this:

  1. I’d like to neatly number
  2. a series of items
  3. and have the list justify properly.

Am I missing something? Should I use a tool other than “Text”? Any help would be much appreciated!

Hello- I do not think there is a way to do that in Rhino.


Thank you Pascal! It might be something worth adding to future updates.

Would be great to have slightly more sophisticated annotating/text tool. Is there a “wishlist” email or thread that you know of?

Right here. I will add this to the pile as a wish - thanks.


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Hi Matthew -

I’ve added your “vote” to the open feature request item RH-42964.

Thank you Wim and Pascal. I know very little about programming a piece of software as great as Rhino. But seems like it could be a pretty simple add.