How can I create a IRhinoBrepObject?


How can I create a IRhinoBrepObject?

(Dale Fugier) #2

IRhinoBrepObject is part of the original, Rhino .NET SDK (Rhino_DotNet.dll). To create an IRhinoBrepObject, you will need to reference this assembly in your plug-in. The assembly can be found in Rhino’s System folder.

Why do you need to create a IRhinoBrepObject object?


I have solved this problem.
see the code below. I have create a Make2d GHA.

  Dim Geo As New List(Of Brep), Pln As Plane = Plane.WorldXY, disT As Double = RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance
            Dim angT As Double = RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.ModelAngleToleranceRadians
            If Not DA.GetDataList(0, Geo) Then Return
            DA.GetData(1, Pln)
            DA.GetData(2, disT)
            DA.GetData(3, angT)
            Dim irhobjs As New List(Of RMA.Rhino.IRhinoBrepObject)
            For Each ge As Brep In Geo
                Dim obre As OnBrep = Runtime.Interop.ToOnBrep(ge)
                Dim mf As New RMA.Rhino.MRhinoBrepObject
            Dim pcobj As RMA.Rhino.MRhinoCurveObject() = Nothing, hcobj As RMA.Rhino.MRhinoCurveObject() = Nothing
            Dim Ionpts As New RMA.OpenNURBS.On3dPoint(Pln.Origin.X, Pln.Origin.Y, Pln.Origin.Z)
            Dim Ionvx As New RMA.OpenNURBS.On3dVector(Pln.XAxis.X, Pln.XAxis.Y, Pln.XAxis.Z)
            Dim Ionvy As New RMA.OpenNURBS.On3dVector(Pln.YAxis.X, Pln.YAxis.Y, Pln.YAxis.Z)
            Dim Ionpln As New RMA.OpenNURBS.OnPlane(Ionpts, Ionvx, Ionvy)
            RMA.Rhino.RhUtil.RhinoBrepGet2dProjection(irhobjs.ToArray, Ionpln, pcobj, hcobj, disT, angT)
            Dim pghcrv As New List(Of Curve), hghcrv As New List(Of Curve)
            For Each pobj As RMA.Rhino.MRhinoCurveObject In pcobj
            For Each pobj As RMA.Rhino.MRhinoCurveObject In hcobj
            DA.SetDataList(0, pghcrv)
            DA.SetDataList(1, hghcrv)