Rhino Dark Mode Buttons

Hi there, I use Rhino for windows and noticed recently that the Mac version has a dark mode with buttons that show up well on a dark background. I use Rhino with mainly dark colours and have always had to deal with the buttons not showing up well.

My question is - are we able to download the button icons for the Mac version and use them in the Windows version? I see there is a page here where you have made the windows icons available for download. Can you add the Mac ones? Are they compatible?

Would be great to finally have buttons that are clear on a dark background.

Hi -

The Mac icons are not available for the Windows version, no.

Thanks for letting me know Wim - I had already started modifying the windows buttons to make the black parts white, but it’s quite boring!

It would be great if there could be a set of buttons that can be used on dark backgrounds at some point, especially since they have already been made for the mac version. I’m sure a lot of people use darker coloured toolbars etc. and would appreciate this.

I’m asking for it sice 2019 with no luck

and I’m not the only one…


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I know, I have seen your posts… :smiley:

I figured if we can’t have a proper dark mode, we could at least make it so we can see the buttons on a dark background.