How can I create a custom grid using curves?

I am trying to make a custom grid using curves, where the grid is rectangular and so are the segments. Of course I can easily do this using curves, but the trouble is it shows up as hidden lines. Is there a way of specifying that curves don’t show as hidden lines? Or is there a way of setting the document grid to be rectangular instead of square? Also, how do I make it so that the document grid colour is black and not grey?

Hi Nickatrudel

I’m not sure if you can change the grid color.
Did you try <Rhinoceros<Preferences?
Maybe you can change the settings.


auxiliar grid.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hi again
I’m not very used to Rhino, but I’d handle your case by drawing your own grid on a seperate layer (in picture it’s called “auxiliar layer”). :wink:
Turn of the grid catch
But torn on the point catch.
Changing the color you like in the layer bar ( top right ), or in the layer detail preferences bar ( top left )

Hello - I’m not sure I follow this:

By this do you mean that the lines are drawn as hidden (i.e dashed) linetype? There is no reason I can think of that they should be drawn differently than any other lines…
But no, the built in grid is always square.