How can I apply Al Bahar Facade on This Twisted Tower

How can I achieve Al bahar module on this twisted tower , I have script both for tower as well as module, just cant get enought head around to apply it on my form. Any help would be appreciated. Also facade should be allowed to open and close.
Al bahar Facade on this (37.0 KB)


Your module is triangular, but the panels you defined are quadrangular - and not planar. What would be your expected result ?

You could divide those panels in half and use Triangle Mapping…

Can you use the triangle mapping and show me the way around!!!

You can also use triremesh to have nice triangles.

Al bahar Facade on this tower (9.8 KB)

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Al bahar Facade on this (28.6 KB)

Thanks a lot, but i am not able to adjust the facade!


A sketch would come in handy…

All the facade is closed, i want some to be opened and some to closed in gradient pattern.

I would like something on the tower

al bahar (20.9 KB)

The base pattern can’t really be used for mapping since it’s based on an equilateral triangle, with symmetry. Also, it needs to vary, which wasn’t clear from your first post.

Instead I built the pattern for each triangle on the surface.
The attractor effect is based on the altitude, but it could be changed to the distance to point(s), curve(s)…

Al bahar Facade on this (21.3 KB)

OMGGG… this is what I wanted… Thanks a lot to you…you really showed me a efficient way to build this and I am learning…just one more question how can I add attractor for distance to point(s), curve(s)…

First draw some points in Rhino along the surface and reference them in a Point parameter.
Then use Closest Point component to compute the distance from the centroid of the triangle to the point(s).
Replace the wires going out from Z component output to Distance output (maintain Ctrl+Shift pressed, then drag the wires)

If you have a curve, same thing with Curve Closest Point.

This is a more complex construction, but it makes the thing foldable, which I assume is the whole point.

Al bahar Facade on this (34.0 KB)