How can I add up items in a branch?

Hi Users,

Is there any way to add up items in a branch? Each of the item has same length in all branches.
The idea is to sum up those multiple items in the same branch and get one item in each branch. (17.1 KB)

Any suggestions and insights will be appreciated!


use the “Insert item” for insert item to list.
use the “Tree branch” for take specific branch.
use the “Split tree” for take all of even or odd branch.

also “Tree statistic”

Mass Addition ? Can’t use your file without the plugin. You could connect the ‘monthly’ output to a Number param and internalize it.



Thanks for your ideas! Unfortunately, both of these components couldn’t solve the current problem, since the output from the ‘monthly’ has both text and value.

Regarding the file that I uploaded, you could just press close and open the file. And I have internalized the output to ‘data’


You didn’t mention that important detail :exclamation:

No, the file you posted is useless to me without LB TimeOp, which I won’t install.

Please read my previous post again.

Do you understand what I mean?

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I totally got what you meant, and I thinks there was a visual bug in your first comment.

I have tried to internalize the output, but every time when I saved in a new document, it doesn’t show what it should be. I’m guessing it might be related to the output is from LB plugin.

I changed that to Data after I realized it has dates instead of just numbers.

I have no idea. This is a very basic skill for getting help on this forum.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Did you watch this video?