Group items in a branch into a single item

I have a data tree with multiple items in each branch. As it is you read
{0;0} N=3
{0;1} N=3 etc
i want to change every branch to have one item for example the first branch should be:
{0;0} 0 {0.707107,0,0} so every branch now reads
{0;0} N=1
{0;1} N=1 etc (7.1 KB)

It sound like you just want to Graft the data.

I tried this. But graft will give me one item for each branch. I want for each branch to look like this:
{0;0} 0 {0.707107,0,0}

Any ideas please?

Essentially i want to make the three values for each branch into a list so it can be recognised as a point. (13.0 KB)

As well as the method by HS_Kim, the Numbers to Points component (Num2Pt) can also create points from a list of numbers.