How best to Convex a complex flat surface

I am a Rhino newb - still trying to learn the software. I am stuck on a part that I am trying to convex. It is a very irregular flat glass design for a watch I would like to add a slight convex taper to. Ideas for the easiest way to do this? (use small words for me…lol) Thanks! Garrett

Hi Garrett,

Can you provide an example file with the setup you now have and/or maybe and example image of what you want to do.
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Thank you for your help with this!!!

Can the edges be deformed?

Also, can you upload an example .3dm file in addition to the image?

Hi David, no this is the glass covering the face of a watch. The edges meet the side of watch structure. I would like to see if a convex to the glass would be a nice element to the design. I tried creating a domed surface and then trying to trim to the curves of the glass surface, but that was always irregular. I would like the dome of the surface to apex in the center of the surface. Thanks!

sample-glass.3dm (81.6 KB)

Hello - is this about what you mean?

sample-glass_PG.3dm (216.1 KB)


It does not exactly match the edges of the original flat piece of glass which were planar.

If the edge has to remain planar and you just have a gentle taper then the glass will undulate - this is unlikely to look good given the visual grammar of watches.

A possible solution would be to combine a regular dome with a sidewall of varying height.
sample-glass (3).3dm (734.9 KB)

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

My first thought would be to use a rail revolve of the curve you want as the convex surface using the outer curve of the flat surface as the rail. If you find the center of the flat area revolve around that point the profile you make. Now it probably will cause a variance in the convex surface so you might have to try it in sections…just my 2 cents at 4 am in the morning without coffee.

Is this about what you want?sample-glass v 5.3dm (318.0 KB)