Can YOU curve an edge?


I am a beginner to the rhino program. I am trying to recreate a set of wooden stair poles and fluted poles with the caps.

I am having some complications with trying to figure out the proper curve functions that will allow me to shape proper convex and concave curves. From the incredible work I have been seeing from other people… I know there must be a function to curve the edges of a shape.

The closest function that I have discovered so far is the FilletEdge tool. However… the fillet anchor points don’t allow me to bulge the edge out to from a convex curve…? I need to create an edge that goes from convex to concave, and then bulge back out to convex… Similar to a curvy decorative cap on the base pole you might see on some wooden stairs.

I have attached some pictures for reference.

If you have any suggestions as to how I might be able to etch out the contours in the wood, I would greatly appreciate anyone’s insight.

All the best.

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Hi Abu - the simplest is to draw the curve you want, and then use the Revolve command to make it into a round thing.


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