Delete an UserText Key through Elefront's "Modify RhinoObject Attribute" component

Hi there,

Do you know if it is possible to selectively delete some UserText Key/Value couples with the Elefront’s “Modify RhinoObject Attribute” component?

I tried to do so by setting the value to <empty> or <null> type (like you will normally do on Rhino), but nothing happens.


Let say I want to delete “k2 - value2”, the following solution does not seem to work:

But if I pass something different than <empty>, the value is correctly updated.

Many thanks in advance.

Elefront has a Remove User Attribute component, but that looks like it removes all.

I typically select in Rhino (modify rhino attributes in gh to a particular layer if need be) and delete via dialog box.

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I would guess there is something hardcoded into the elefront component to prevent empty key values. Which makes sense, because if an attribute (key/value), has an empty/null value, the key is removed. The removal is a rhinocommon response to and empty value.

Ok thanks, seems an acceptable workaround.

Well, you could delete all attributes and set the initial attributes back except the key/value pair that you don’t want.