Hourglass while processing data

It would be nice to have some kind of visual indication that GH is processing data ; something like the proverbial hourglass .
Using Human UI, we often have the case of users pressing multiple time boolean toggles that control time-consuming processes, and they go crazy because they never see any outcome.
They don’t realize that they are interrupting and resetting time-consuming processes, but they can’t really be blamed because they don’t know if something is actually happening.
Did they mis-fire by pressing the toggle too swiftly ? Is the whole thing crashed ? Are we living in a simulation devised by super-intelligent guinea pigs ?

As mentionned in another request, it would be nice to have a real “kill-switch” that would effectively stop a process without having to resort to the old “Ctrl-alt-esc” method.

This is planned. The idea is to run solutions both on multiple threads and on non-UI threads. This should result both in faster solutions and a UI which remains live.


I’m just going to keep liking everything about this. David, this is quite the statement! :clinking_glasses: :champagne: Would love to get dirty with this, but I’m sure you guys have everything in control. Please excuse this post that doesn’t really contribute anything besides emojis to the conversation.

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I wish I had your level of confidence :slight_smile:

well async control, at least wrapped in a try { } catch { } :smiley: