Best way to retrigger 'SolveInstance'


I’m trying to create my own UDP receiver (similar to gHowl), but I’m having trouble with one thing. I’m able to receive the signals correctly, however the only way I can think to get continuous input is in a loop. An infinite loop locks up the plugin, so I tried calling solve instance after I receive the info, however this also locks up the program.

Is there a safe way to call solve instance again and allow it to finish? If I have an input slider and drag it, solve instance gets called again appropriately, but is there a way to simulate this via code?

It’s somewhat complicated if your events are coming in on a non-UI thread, but in either case the best way to trigger continuous updates is to use GH_Document.ScheduleSolution(delay, callback).

Pick a non-zero delay (say 5 or 10 milliseconds) and supply a callback method. The method will be invoked before the scheduled solution actually starts, and it is a great place to expire the relevant components/parameters. Just be sure to use ExpireSolution(false) and not ExpireSolution(true), because a new solution is already happening.

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I’m having trouble expiring the solution, because I’m not calling it from the same thread. I’ve seen alot of talk online with this sort of error, so I need to do some more research

“Control ‘GH_DocumentEditor’ accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on.”

Yup, don’t access UI controls from threads, call the ScheduleSolution method on GH_Document.