Hotkey for mouse left and right click

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to set a hotkey which activates the left mouse click.
When tracing over raster with a control point curve, using a mouse to hover the cursor and the other hand to insert control points is a quick way to trace objects.


There’s Autohotkey to define hotkeys on the keyboard, I’m using F12 for certain double clicking.

If you have a Wacom tablet or multiple 3D Connexion devices you can also set a button to execute a click

Thanks for that idea :slight_smile:
When I downloaded it from the official website, Bitdefender noted some virus

Wondering if there’s any way to do it natively within rhino or within scripts…

As I wrote above, you could set a button on a space navigator to execute a click.

In GH you can use a key listener script. Check this thread:

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