Help make the correct interaction of hotkeys C#

Help to make the correct control of hot keys.
problem 1, the data is not updated automatically.
problem 2, the data does not match the 0.1 mm specified in the script

hot key (8.4 KB)

Attached is once again a definition which uses two scripts by @andheum and @Mahdiyar

You’ll need Metahopper to connect the C# scripts with a slider.

While the cursor is inside Grasshopper, hit the F5 / F6 or F7 / F8 buttons to incrementally change the value of the slider.

You might be able to tweak one of my scripts to suit your needs. (22.1 KB)


Thank you. this is an interesting method, but it does not work if you minimize the Grasshopper and work in the Rhino window.

that’s true, it only works with GH active

hot key (12.2 KB)

problem 2. I was able to win.

But how to make automatically fill in the numbers without the participation of the button ? help please.

it turned out to make such a working way.

hot key (11.8 KB)

hot key (7.9 KB)

I can’t find a way to make the C# module active by default. :roll_eyes:

HOTKEY.gha (10 KB)
HOTKEYComponent.cs (5.5 KB)