Sections rotated on the y axis?

Can I do this? I have an object in a model which curves around an axis in the y direction and I need to cut a section perpendicular to the tangent of the curve.

Hi David,

If you’re referring to having a curved section (not linear), this is currently no possible but this feature is in our wish-list for VisualARQ 3 or VisualARQ 4.



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Hi Enric

I mean a section that looks down (I am using floor level cut planes for detail sections) or drawn in a front, right, left, or back view, or at an angle in one of those views.

If I rotate a section line to accomplish this it snaps back to running in world xy.

Hi @djhg,

VisualARQ 2 currently only supports vertical sections or horizontal plans. There is a planned feature for VisualARQ 4 to add support for elevation and sections in any direction, including parallel and perspective projections.



Well, is there something we would like to know? :wink: maybe you could post a list of planned features to be implemented? and what is your schedulling for these releases?
Cheers, Jaro

So if I understand correctly (and this goes to something more basic than custom angles, but to plan detail sections) a horizontal section detail would require a building floor level in the levels panel to be created for the area of the section with a cutplane exactly where the section details are to be.

Which means to accommodate this interstitial plan detail sectioning, levels would no longer correspond to floor levels.

As far as I can see there’s no way to name levels, but if there were it could create clarity in a project with plan sectioning, to distinguish the floor level indicators and detail sections both in the level panel and in model views.


It is possible to rename levels. Just select the level and then click over the name again, or select the level and press F2.

ah. Good thankyou. I was clicking on the word “level” but it has to be on the name.