Hops - version 0.14.0 available

A new version of Hops (0.14.0) is now available via the package manager.

What’s new:

  • DataTrees are now supported in Hops if you are using Rhino builds >= 7.19.22130.15001 and/or 8.0.22131.04306. All of the contextual getter components in these Rhino builds now have a menu item which lets you set whether you want that parameter to have DataTree access. When set to true, this setting will override the AtMost value which is what Hops uses for item or list access. The DataTree access setting will have no effect if you are using the GH Player command.

  • The function manager is now available in Rhino for mac on builds >= 7.19.22126.15001 and 8.0.22126.04306. See the update for Hops build 0.13.1 for more information about how the function manager works.

  • The bootstrap script which is used when deploying Rhino.Compute for a production environment has been update to follow a two-step installation process (with a restart in between). The installation is largely the same, however a restart is now required to finish the installation of the IIS modules.

What’s fixed:

  • A bug was fixed if the Hops referenced file was not found. Now, if the referenced file is at least in the same folder as the Hops definition then it should find and load it upon opening the file.

  • An error would occur when exporting last HTTP request and/or response if more than one hops component was being used in a definition.

  • The Minimum and Maximum values on the contextual Get Number and Get Integer components are now used in Hops. If either of those values are set on the getter parameter and the input value exceeds that limit, an error will be thrown in Hops.

As usual, the change log for this build can be viewed here