Hops - version 0.16.0 available

A new version of Hops (0.16.0) is now available via the package manager.

What’s new:

We were recently informed that the output from a Hops component doesn’t always return the same data structure from Rhino.Compute as a similar definition run directly inside of Grasshopper (thanks @hkit.yong). This has now been fixed. Hopefully with this new build, you can rely on your Hops data structure being consistent with other existing definitions.

In addition, we added two new endpoints to return information about plugins that are installed on the machine running Rhino.Compute. These two endpoints 1) /plugins/rhino/installed and 2) /plugins/gh/installed when called will return a sorted dictionary of plugins installed in Rhino and/or Grasshopper respectively.

Note: This build is only available for Rhino 7. A new Hops build for Rhino 8 is still in development.

The change log for this build can be viewed here