Hops datatypes not available in autocomplete

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My python interpreter (Atom) doesn’t show all the available hops datatypes as shown in the tutorial.
If I use one datatype that wasn’t showing up in the autocomplete, it works, and that datatype becomes available next time I call ghhops_server.Hops[…]

I’d like to know if there is a way to fix this or if there is a list of the datatypes available?

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Salut Antoine,

Look here in the source code: compute.rhino3d/params.py at master · mcneel/compute.rhino3d · GitHub

This is where the types get defined. You could probably even extend it. :wink:

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Merci ! :sunglasses:

Any idea why interpreter isn’t showing all of them (ones without #)?

Hm, probably because the developers haven’t updated the auto-complete stubs?

This sounds like an issue with configuration of atom. ghhops-server is pure python so the interpreter should have no problem figuring out what the datatypes are.

I’ve got no solution for Atom but at least PyCharm is finding everything !