Hook in to the allready running instances of Rhino

I am trying to make and application which will hook in to the running instance of Rhino and make some operations. But if there are tow or three instance how will i switch between the instances?

I am using this VB 6.0 code

Set RhinoApp = CreateObject(“Rhino4.Interface”) < – this hooks in to the firstly created instance of Rhino. but i want to switch between the Rhino’s running.

Any Idea ???

There is no way, that I know of, to hook on to a particular running instance. CreateObject just latches on to the first instance that it finds…

– Dale

Hi Dale,

So is there any other method in VB 6.0 i can get the control on the Script Object like the code below gives me??

Set RhinoApp = CreateObject(“Rhino4.Interface”)
Set Rhino = RhinoApp.GetScriptObject()

OR anything i can do by finding the windows handler (HWND) of each instance ??

i had the same problem and it’s technical not possible to access all instances with CreateObject.
I solved the problem with a own interface in my own rhino plugin, which exposes the functionality i needed. A lot more work, but it’s working perfectly.

Hi dsw

Can you share in detail ??

Is there any possibility that i can make the plugin with UI in VB 6.0 ??

i’m afraid it is not possible to create a plugin in VB6. But there is also a C# interface available which i would recommend to you.
In detail i made a webservice within the plugin which can be accessed from every program language and also over network.