Honeybee Outdoor Micro-climate model error


I am getting error when I am trying to run the Grasshopper outdoor microclimate model.
this is the error:

  1. Solution exception:C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\model\PlanarSurface.cpp@644 : Cannot create a surface with vertices [[0, 0.013, 0], [0, 0.01, 0], [0.003, 0.01, 0], [0.003, 0.013, 0]]

How can I fix this issue?

any idea what is wrong?


Please post your LB|HB questions on the dedicated forum here: https://discourse.ladybug.tools/

Make sure to post your definition, not just a screenshot.

As for those error messages, I would recommend to always use meters as your document units when working with Honeybee. It is possible that the combination of your model, your millimeter settings, your document tolerances, and the scaling is messing things up here.