Honeybee finding LBNL THERM and update problem

"Honeybee cannot find a compatible LBNL THERM installation on your system.
You won’t be able to run THERM simulations of heat flow through constructions.
You need THERM version 7.5 or above and you can download it from here:"

  1. LBNL THERM is installed in the correct folder.

  2. Using the honeybee update component is not possible to use because of the following.
    “You need to let both Ladybug and Honeybee fly first!”

  3. Do you know what the problem is?

Without seeing your entire canvas, that would mean that you need to drag the Ladybug_Ladybug component on your canvas.

But, please, post your LB | HB over here (and remember to post your definition):