Honeybee_Write Therm File - error regarding empty path name

I’m new to Grasshopper, and I’m trying how to run a therm model using the Honeybee plugin. To try to understand how a file runs, I’m looking at the Parametric therm model example file from Hydra (attached and at the link below). I get an error that says “solution exception: empty path name is not legal,” as shown in the attached image. Is this in reference to the working directory and/or file name? I have inputs for both of these without spaces or underscores in the names. I have Therm version installed on my computer, do I need a specific version to run the plugin in Honeybee?

Thank you, any help would be appreciated!


Parametric_THERM.3dm (220.0 KB) Parametric_THERM_Model.gh (539.6 KB)

Hi - for questions related to Honeybee, please see the dedicated forum here: