History - parent deleted children still update

  1. make a sphere and save the file and close

  2. open a new file and import the sphere make some copies with history enabled

  3. delete the parent sphere. ( Should children then loose history ? )

  4. import new sphere from step 1 - ( sphere should have no children ) - enter command _SelChildren and all the other objects highlight.

Is this the expected behavior ?


Not sure how the history connection of objects is handled internally so take with a grain of salt…
Every object has a unique ID so one way to make a history connection is to store the ID of the parent object and update if that object is changed.

Now if you delete the parent, history is effectively broken, since you cannot change it any more.

If you’d just undo, the original object with it’s ID would reappear and everything is back to normal.
Had the history been fully destroyed, you’d have a lot more to to in undoing it…

If you reimported the original object, that would essentially be the same as underlying it.

That said:
3) would you want children to loose history?

Thanks HaLo,

I guess I am looking to

  1. import object(s) as new ID or
  2. delete Parent Object(s) with option to remove Children’s history

I have lots of library objects - that I like to use repeatedly and am trying to find a workflow that is clear to me.


Hi Keith - for now, you can use HistoryPurge when you import the object. Select the children of the imported object for the purge, something like this::

 ! _Import _Pause _Pause _SelChildren _HistoryPurge _SelNone _Enter