Can't delete Object w History

Just seeing this behavior on the latest build - I can’t delete an object that has History on it. My object is a group created by doing a Polar Array on an existing group. I have to first Purge the History on the object, then I am able to delete it using the Delete key. Otherwise it just won’t delete. Anyone else seeing this?

Yeah there’s definitely some weirdness with History object nows. I can’t even edit an object w History now - usually the dialogue pops open that tells me I’m about to break the History of an object. Now, that dialogue does not pop up, and I am unable to edit the object in any way, including deleting it. After Purge History, I am able to work again with it.


Hi David- if Lock is set in the History controls you will not be able to do anything to child objects that would break the History connection to parents.


Ok thanks - I’ll have a look at this. May have hit this inadvertently :blush: