History link seems broken after closing and reopening session

Hi, I’m having an issue where the link between curve geometry and the revolved surface I created with it seems to have been lost after saving and closing a session and reopening. I confirmed history was on when creating the revolve, and pulled some points around on the curve to confirm that when I created it, but now (a day later), there seems to be no link between the two. I’m a brand new user, is there something I need to have in place in settings or preferences to keep a link between sessions, or could it be a bug? Any help appreciated, thanks.

The history link has nothing to do with file operations like saving, it is simply a link between object id’s - parent id to child id. It should persist between sessions.

However, you can easily break the history link by modifying the child object - just moving it will do, or something like a hole or a trim…

Oh, so that would probably go for something like a fillet then too? Thanks for the info!

Yep… that’s it.