Why are my objects linked when copied?

Hi, I’m a fairly new Rhino user and I’ve been having an issue with objects that I copy that they seem to be linked. In other words when I copy a bunch of polylines or curves and I start moving one of them all the other lines move as well. These are not blocks and it happens for both grouped and non grouped objects.
Sometimes if I ungroup and regroup it fixes the issue but not always. Is there a function for linking copied objects that I need to uncheck or some other solution? Thanks :smile:


right click to “record history” at the bottom midlle of your rhino screen. then click to “always record history”


Hi Blastered, my ‘always record history’ was checked, but once i went into the the record history tab I noticed that ‘update children’ was checked as well so I unchecked it an it worked.

Thank you so much

Hi Anna - Update Children being off will not help in the long run - as soon as you turn it on, those copies will start to update and move around. If you do not want History on copies, turn history recording off, either for the one copy operation, by clicking on the Record History pane, or globally by shutting off ‘Always record history’, which is dangerous for the reasons you have discovered. Only turn on history as needed per command as a rule and I think you’ll be happier. To remove the history links from the copies now, use HistoryPurge, and turn UpdateChildren back on,


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Great, thanks Pascal!