History and Gumball are game changers

Nothing important here, but instead of asking for help or complaining about something, I just wanted to express my love for History and Gumball.

I haven’t extensively used rhino since 2010 and I’ve primarily been using formZ over the last few years. I’m sad that I ever stopped using Rhino because it’s still ridiculously easy and smooth and those two features make it more powerful than formZ could ever be. THANKS GUYS!! :slight_smile:


history is a real nice function. i wished it could still be further improved in future that it does not get broken or block further attempts to change something and that new steps lets say a chain of actions can be recorded along.

the gumball brought up a complete new method of working navigating and modelling. but it also needs improvements. personally i would see it ok if the arrows would go in both directions. often do i click and enter a value and it moves the wrong direction forgetting to focus on the direction of the arrow so entering a minus value is the only way to move it which is a little impractical and i quickly tend to use plain old move. but also plain old scale,1,2 often do the job faster and more precise.

also the swivel ribbons could be enhanced in its UI experience. sometimes its difficult to distinguish which direction it goes especially when you look at it with the grid switched off the ribbons seem to be omnidirectional. maybe enhancing them with a subtle shading to show which is front and back might be helpful.

here an example when you look at it long enough you dont know which direction it goes, good you can still orient yourself on the arrows but it still has this effect i must say and often confuses me while working.