Png render_white outline around the volumes

I am having problems with all my png exports, they have a white outline as the one you see attached (I have added the blue backround in photoshop in order to see the outline).
At the daylight renders I thought it was because of the exposure, the exterior was burned so I read that it could happen.
But this is a night render and I still have the problem.
I was working with rhino 5 and never had an issue like this.

Any solutions?


Hello - are you rendering with ‘Transparent background’ set?

If so, try with that setting un-checked.



The transparent background is already un-checked.


Hi - what does that picture look like before you edited it in Photoshop?

This is the original png

Hi - Thanks. Are you using Rhino Render and the Render command to render this? If so, what is the Quality set to?

as seen on your printscreen you are using draft quality.
you can solve this if you don’t have enough time for higher params in PS

oh! thanks, that helps a lot! The truth is I am using medium quality and I think it had happened also with high.
Anyway, the Photoshop command helps a lot.
Thanks again,

Glad PS command helped you!