Hiding control point from RhinoCommon

I’m talking about this option here:

Is this possible to do using Python?

Since you are scripting, an easy way is to just script the HidePt command.

– Dale

Hi Dale, does that mean this is not possible using RhinoCommon?
I do not want to script commands unless I have no other choice. (like for example using squish command. Or the Hydrostatics command.

A bit about the background I have developed a bundle of scripts for grips and eventually I want to turn this into a plugin.

A grip is just like any other object. So you can hide it in same manner.

– Dale

Is this something new? Before grips didn’t have guid, they were not objects like points.


The following code is hiding all points not just the grip (control point) I’ve selected.

import Rhino
import scriptcontext as sc
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

pt = rs.GetObjectGrip()
print pt[0]


Fun with grips:

import Rhino
import scriptcontext as sc

def test_hide_pt():
    go = Rhino.Input.Custom.GetObject();
    go.SetCommandPrompt("Select control points to hide")
    go.GeometryFilter = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.Grip
    go.SubObjectSelect = False
    go.GetMultiple(1, 0)
    if (go.CommandResult() == Rhino.Commands.Result.Success):
        for objref in go.Objects():
            sc.doc.Objects.Hide(objref, False)

def test_show_pt():
    filter = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectEnumeratorSettings()
    filter.NormalObjects = False
    filter.LockedObjects = False
    filter.HiddenObjects = True
    filter.DeletedObjects = False
    filter.ActiveObjects = True
    filter.ReferenceObjects = True
    filter.IncludeGrips = True
    rh_objects = sc.doc.Objects.GetObjectList(filter)
    for rh_obj in rh_objects:
        if not rh_obj.IsHidden: 
        if rh_obj.ObjectType != Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.Grip: 
        sc.doc.Objects.Show(rh_obj.Id, False)

– Dale


Thanks @dale,

This is exactly what I needed.