[Python][RhinoScriptSyntax] Questions:

Question 1:
What is the difference between this:

and this:

NOTE: If they are different shouldn’t they be described differently in the api? It’s confusing.

Question 2:
am I wrong or there’s no method in RhinoScriptSyntax to select control points?

like rs.GetObject

NOTE: My idea is to extend the functionality of SetPt but I don’t know how to select the ControlPoints.

NOTE2: using rs.GetPoint and rs.GetSurfacePoint gives a point projected on the surface and not the control point you pick (cuz you’re not really picking anything you’re creating a point and its projection on the surface)

Yep, perhaps it does need a better description:

In the first, the points become the control points of the surface, in the second the surface passes through the points (like the difference between a control point curve and interpolated curve).

You will need to look at the ObjectGrip methods (‘grips’ category)

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rs.GetObject does not allow you to select Control Points.

How would GripObject get it as it requires GUID and control points don’t have GUIDs?

I hope I’m wrong.

First, you have to turn them on:


Then you can select them onscreen


You can find and move them without user interaction with


That’s about all I know, it’s rather unwieldy, but that’s what we have.