Hide/Unhide (Feature)


I’ve been using Revit lately quite a bit and I really like the feature of Hiding and Unhiding. See a demo on the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNhxgdGScQU

Things that I like:
1.- Your screen tells you there are hidden elements (See the blue border)
2.- You can preview the Hidden objects without unhiding them
3.- You can bring back one or several objects without unhiding everything.

Personally I think it would speed up my workflow. I find my self hiding and unhiding elements.

Any thoughts?


Hi Miguel - see if ShowSelected does what you need.


@Pascal that is great. After 9 years using Rhino I am still learning new commands :slight_smile: . Wouldn’t the name ShowHidden be more appropriate?

The visual feedback of knowing things are hidden is great little feature.

No, it would not. The ShowSelected command performs two tasks. The first task is temporarily hiding visible objects and temporarily displaying hidden objects. The second task is permanently unhiding some hidden objects. The name ShowSelected pertains to the second task. The name ShowHidden would be suitable for the first task. Of course, the command could be renamed ShowHidden&UnhideSelected, but most Rhino users prefer short command names.

I am surprised that you are not familiar with HideSwap and ShowSelected commands. Maybe you should read the Rhino help file?