Hide lines for screencapture video

Hi! Sometimes I like to do screen capture videos to show how something moves. is there a way to hide lines of surfaces even when you select them? I mean literally hide all lines

Thanks for any hints!

In the Rhino Preferences under Display Modes, you want to uncheck Show Isocurves, Show Tangent Edges, Show Tangent Seams, etc. in the General tab.

In the Objects tab under Surfaces, you also want to set the Edge thickness field to 0.0!

It’d probably be a good idea to make a new, customized display mode for this and leave the default ones alone. This has also the benefit that you can quickly switch between different modes. You can simply duplicate one you already like.

Thanks for the tipp! But somehow selected objects still show their isocurves in yellow.
I know I could set the color of selected objects (preferences > color) to the color of the surface but I guess I was wondering if there is an easier way, because the “color” setting is not part of the display modes… and also if my model has different colors it would not work since the “selected object” isocurves are always the same.