Any idea to make selected isocurves invisible?

As you see here, the more isoparms you get in the surface the more dificult it gets to orient within the surfaces. Just wanted to select an edge to snap along a cutting plane but got overwhelmed by so many highlighted isocurves. Thanks for your input!

Hanns, can you turn off isocurves in the display. I am sure you must know that , so I am probably off on that suggestion.—Mark

For such a simple shape, the excessive number of isocurves is a visual indication that the surfaces are way over parameterized, probably from using messy curves with way more points than are needed.

Yup, without going too deep into display mode editing this setting is exposed in Display tab:
(you can also turn the Isocurves display per-object in object Properties)

they still show up when the object is selected though.

(at least on mac they do… regardless of the display mode setting)

Oh that’s right, thanks for pointing that out Jeff… working with no isocurves here for any new objects by default so never ran into this. In that case he may need a button toggle to run on the selection to turn off/on the per-object isocurve display:

-_Properties _Object _ShowIsocurves _No _EnterEnd
-_Properties _Object _ShowIsocurves _Yes _EnterEnd



@jarek is there a way to set a toggle one-Line command (just like with toggle Osnaps on and off with one line)? just to hit an alias for this? Thanks for the lines, those do the trick. Or is there an option to bind those lines into Rhinos DisplaySettings by default?

@John_Brock was trying to quickly rebuild the 3D printed houses recently finished as the first 3D printed architecture in Dubai


That’s why I was using CageEdit and Taper for quick manipulation. Well when rebuilding surfaces I can get them back to more manageable isoparms.

@all I would like the feature in future updates: if I uncheck Surface Isocurves in DisplayProperties I don’t want to see them in the viewport as well

BTW ( this is an old wish of mines … :wink: ) …

I think it would be fine being able to set the number of displayed isocurves regardless the surface complexity and the trimming border.


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